Jul 19, 2008

fca camp

We just finished our FCA Youth Sports Camp in Rochester. One-hudred-seventy-six kids, ages seven to fourteen, from 9am - 3pm Monday through Thursday. Crazy! But in the end, it was all good. Crazy good.

JD and I have been planning this camp since last year's camp which had fourty-five kids. With the boom in the number of kids, details became a little trickier. But God worked it all out. For example, we had to pre-order the t-shirts way before camp started. Since registration wasn't closed and we even accepted walk-ups, we had no idea how many to order. We gave it our best educated guess. The t-shirt company sent us a shipment of t-shirts that were generic and we had requested to have our sponsor's logos on the back. We kept the generic shipment though to use in case we needed it. Did we ever! So, even though we didn't order the right number of t-shirts, God had us covered.

In the morning the kids met with their huddles for a short devotional, then they went to their chosen sport clinics. We offered baseball, softball, tennis, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball & golf. After their sport, they had lunch with their huddles, and then did a longer bible study, followed by huddle competitions and huddle olympics. The first three days we had high temperatures and tried to keep the kids hydrated. The last day we had a thunderstorm and tried to keep the kids occupied with plan B.

So many parents told us how much their kids loved the camp. I asked one mother what her sons liked so much about it. She said that her kids loved meeting other kids and the competition. She said she loved it because her kids never liked going to VBS with crafts and singing. But this is like a Sports VBS that they are excited about and excited about bringing their friends too. For me, that makes it all worth it.

Here's some pictures from the camp. There's quite a lot of them... I believe you can't take too many pictures. Especially now with digital.

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