Aug 1, 2008

the one thing

There are six things that I like, seven I that I absolutely love:
the smell of freshly laundered bedsheets as I go to sleep, a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, a baby's smile, homemade strawberry freezer jam, finding a note from a friend in my mailbox (or inbox), giving to people in need anonymously, the sound of my children laughing.
There are six things that make me linger, seven that I can't resist:
fun purses & handbags, samples of perfume in the department store, looking at lipstick colors, anti-aging anything, testing smelly lotions, trying on sunglasses, a great sale on shoes.
There are six things I don't like, seven that I absolutely hate:
any kind of conflict, folding the laundry, deceitful toungues, moving away from friends and family, being lonely in a crowded room, pretentiousness, the end of a really good book.
There are six things I don't understand, seven that I can't explain:
how one dog can shed so much fur, how men & women can be so different, how the piles appear on the kitchen counter, how vast the universe is, how small the world is in comparison, how socks disappear, the age of accountability.
There are six things I have not done, seven I hope to do before I die:
sky dive, take a ride in a hot air balloon, go on a cruise, write a book, take ballroom dancing lessons, develop a green thumb, see my children's children walking with the Lord.
There is one thing I hope to hear God say when I die:
"Well done, good and faithful servant."

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