Sep 23, 2008

kaitlin's horse show

As I've previously mentioned, Kaitlin was able to take horse back riding lessons this summer from some friends' high school daughters. At the end of the summer they put on a Horse Show for the families to show what they'd learned.
It was Kaitlin's first year of lessons, and she did so well! They played some games to show they're skill. For the first game, they had a dollar bill tucked under their let while they were riding. They were "out" when the dollar bill fell to the ground. For the second game, they were given a spoon and had to ride the horse carrying an egg in their spoon. They ended the show with each girl performing a Program of riding skills they learned. Here's a video of Kaitlin's program: I really enjoyed the summer of horse riding lessons, too. Each Tuesday we went out to the "country" and while Kaitlin rode horses, John played with the boys who lived there, and Sarah and I spent quality time together. I also got to visit and get to know some wonderful women from church, including Robin whose house it was at. For two hours I got to, sigh, relax and visit and play. And know my kids were having fun. Kaitlin is already talking about her horse lessons next summer. I'm looking forward to them, too!

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