Sep 7, 2008

past present future

Presently rediscovering what I lost and what I want again: that part of me that's me. What would the present be if I'd found me in the past? Wishing I could wish away the way things are today and rewrite history. But that's not my reality. Nor will it ever be. Presently discovering what I need and and what I need to do: To spend some time with You. What will my future hold if I let You work in me and become what you created me to be in the midst of my reality. I'd like to wish some things away but I trust You with today. I trust you with tomorrow too. And even yesterday.

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  1. How insightful! Trusting God with today and tomorrow is what we're taught to do. Trusting Him with yesterday... that's so insightful! There's the little rhyme that goes something like, "The saddest words of tongue or pen, 'What might have been.'" That leads to regrets. Yet by trusting God with yesterday, we can say, "Hitherto has the Lord helped us" 1 Sam 7:12. Thanks for the insight.


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