Oct 5, 2008

legacy luncheon

Last week JD and I held a Legacy Luncheon in Rochester. It was a business community outreach with our ministry through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. There were about eighty men and women from the community who came for the meal and program. Our speakers were Jerry Kindall, former MLB player and Hall of Fame baseball coach of the University of Arizona, and Todd Oakes, current University of Minnesota pitching coach. Both Jerry and Todd spoke about leaving a legacy. Todd talked about the importance of being a father, a husband and a Christian. Jerry talked about the legacy his dad and his grandfather left as men of prayer and men of integrity. He also talked about the legacy of his teammate, Al Worthington, who stood up to tremendous pressure in Magor League Baseball, at the risk of his professional carreer, because of his Christian morals. He challenged the audience to leave similar legacies of prayer and integrity.
I know many of those in attendance were encouraged and challenged by the speakers. Several men expressed interest in getting into a 'Legacy Builders' FCA Bible study for coaches.
As a non-athlete, I have struggled at times with my role in sports ministry. But something I am passionate about is the ministry to coaches and their families. Having been a head high school coach's wife, I know that there is a need for ministry to the coach's wife. And certainly to the coach himself. It's my desire to somehow, someway, sometime develop some sort of substantial support system for coaches' families here in Rochester and Southeast Minnesota. I am not exactly sure what that is going to look like or even if it will happen through me. But I am open to whatever God brings my way and hope that I am up to the task. I believe in it.

Dean Bowyer (emcee, retired Minnesota State at Mankato baseball coach), JD, me and our main speaker, Jerry Kindall

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