Feb 6, 2009

by john

I was looking through some of John's school work and thought it was worthy of sharing.
John wrote this for school about his summer vacation:

Going Overseas I was really scared to fly over the ocean. I was flying into France. When I got to the airport, I was scared out of my mind! When I got on the plane I wanted to watch a movie. I couldn't wait until we were in the air so I could see the movie. So I played checkers with Oma. Then I played travel Trouble. We were about to take off when the pilot said something was wrong with the plane. Finally, after three hours we took off. After a while, we got to cruising level. I watched three movies. My lucky number is three. Then I fell asleep. They woke me up at 5:00 in the morning. It was 8:00 in France, but still 5:00 in the morning! The breakfast was delicious! Then I watched the Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian. Then we landed. I wasn't scared and I felt like I could go on the Eiffel Tower! The end.

Here's a poem he wrote using vocabulary words:
The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower glistens by the night hour It would take a coward to look away. In the day it gleamed. But now it is shimmering like the moon. You can see a chorous of pigeons like angels And if you go to the top you will see... The brilliant sight of Paris.
This is John's writing assignment on "How to do Something":
How to Ride an A.T.V. If you want to feel the wind rush past your face. If you don't care if you get a little dirty. You would probably like to ride an A.T.V. In this paper you will learn how to ride an A.T.V. It's very fun and you'll love it. If you need to get somewhere fast just ride one. I will give you the basic steps to starting and riding A.T.V.s. Step 1: Get on all safety gear and helmet. Step 2: Get the A.T.V. out away from any buildings. Step 3: Get on the A.T.V. and put it in neutral. Step 4: Put in the key and turn it then press the start button. Step 5: Put it in drive and slowly press the gas pedal or button. Always do this with an adult's permission in a safe and secure area. This is important to me because it's how I pass the time. If you're near a house, who knows what could go wrong. I am very good at riding A.T.V.s because I took lessons. Remember, always whear the proper safety gear. Have an adult ride with you until you are an expert. You will always enjoy this extreme sport!

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