May 18, 2009

gardening bug

I finally got the Gardening Bug. The desire to thrust my fingers into black dirt and put in it some fragile green little stems with the grand vision of one day enjoying the fruit of their cultivation.
This is of course if I remember to cultivate them.
Yesterday the girls and I walked up and down the rows of plants at a garden store and I imagined what my yard might look like if I had no budget and the talent of gardening. It looked pretty nice.
But until we take out the unkempt bushes and the tired river rock and have a realistic plan for the yard, I decided to do container gardening this year. Instead of getting a bunch of flowers, I got a bunch of vegetables and a couple herbs. How very utilitarian of me.
I got a two types of tomatoes, three types of peppers and some lettuce. I also got strawberries, lavender for decorating with, catnip for the cat and some mint in honor of Kansas City.
When we moved into our house in Kansas City, we discovered a mint patch in the back yard. I kept Kaitlin busy picking mint (a move of desperation) then had to find a recipe to use it with. Mint Iced Tea is what we came up with, though I think Kaitlin and I were the only ones who enjoyed it. Perhaps its true that hard work makes you appreciate things more. Hopefully then I'll have some pretty appreciated salsa this summer.
I'm thinking I'll add Mojito to the mint recipes this year, but I'm not going to share with Kaitlin.
Eventually I'm planning on transplanting my container garden to the ground, but I couldn't wait until the river rock left. The gardening bug got me.

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