Jan 11, 2011

hub nobbing

I found this website where I can write articles and I'm pretty excited about it. It's supposed to earn you money if you do it right. But right now I'm just having fun writing and trying to figure it all out.
I started out by writing about Christmas topics. Since I started around Christmas, that's what was on my mind. I wrote about making a Kid's Christmas Tree - one of my favorite traditions. Then I made a quick hub (that's what they call the articles: hubs) featuring Christmas ornaments that you can make with your kids. Then I wrote about my opinions on the whole Santa vs. Jesus controversy that some people concoct.

But I realized that if I really want to make money, I need to write about things that will be relavant all the time, things that never grow old. Drawing from my vast knowledge of things that never grow old, I wrote about planning birthday parties for kids. And I had some photos from one of my girls' birthday parties, so I wrote one about planning a princess party specifically.

I'm just learning about hubbing. I'm hub nobbing. Maybe someday I'll make money doing it, but for now it's just fun to practice writing.

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