Feb 12, 2011

awkward candy conversation

I have to plan a party for the seniors at the place I work. I decided that one of the games we'd play is "Conversation Heart Bingo." Apparently Bingo is big with seniors.

I couldn't find a free download of conversation heart bingo cards, so I decided to make my own. As I was typing out the candy messages on the bingo cards, I made a few typos. Then I started to wonder: what would happen if the person who's job it is to type out the candy conversation hearts made typos? Or, what if they put something in as a joke and forgot to take it out before candy conversation heart production?

Here is a sampling of what that might have looked like:

Brian Regan is family's favorite comedian and the origin of my musings (at 1:42, but watch the whole thing because he is just too funny not to watch):

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