Apr 8, 2011

Collaboration Inspiration

Here is the poem that I chose to do my collaboration art piece from:

by Kit Rohrbach

Only ashes remain from the fire we built on the beach.
Its warmth is something now just out of reach.
Pale shells wash up across moth-colored sand.
Things aren't turning out the way we planned.
Make me believe that everything's alright.
Come walk with me in morning light.

Bare branches scratch the sky; their leaves are gone.
Is that glow in the east an omen, or the dawn?
The scent of salt and pine, and ocean foam -
I can't remember now which way is home.
How did the morning star become so bright?
Come walk with me in morning light.

Where is the boy who said he'd be our guide?
Who is the woman, flowered like a bride,
Wearing a black and blistered satin gown?
When will the horses finally lie down?
It's hard to keep horizon lines in sight.
Come walk with me in morning light.

I hear the ghosts of anthems long unsung.
The taste of hatred scarifies my tongue
Like tales of comets trailed across the sky.
What happens to the dancers when they die?
Why did the music fade against the night?
Come walk with me in morning light.

The front row faces with their flowers and their knives
Have forfeited their honor and their lives.
Did you see the beams of burned and blighted steel?
Did you feel the dislocation of the wheel?
I'm sorry that the sums don't come out right.
Come walk with me in morning light.

The surf is speculating in my ear.
I think that we should get away from here.
Can you tell me what the rising tide portends?
Can you remind me how this story ends?
Will you gather up the gulls' uncertain flight,
Or walk with me in morning light?

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