Apr 25, 2011

Easter Chickens Instead of Easter Baskets

This year instead of buying all the little things that go in Easter Baskets, I suggested an alternative to my children: take the money that we would have spent on their Easter baskets and purchase chickens for a family to whom the chickens would be a means of nutrition and income.

Happily my children were open to this alternative. So instead of buying plastic grass, cheap toys, jellybeans and chocolate eggs, we bought a family a source of real eggs. I'm so proud of my kids for being willing and eager to do this.

We ordered our chickens from World Vision. Here's a video that we watched about how much a simple gift of chickens means to some people:


  1. Another reason I chose to marry you- your thoughtfulness for our kids and some family who needs a couple of chickens a lot more than we need chocolate!

  2. This sounds terrific. An idea we'll have to discuss next year in our family! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love this, Anne! I am enjoying your blog, and all of the ideas for simplifying.


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