Jun 17, 2008

laughter: the best medicine

Sunday was Father's Day, and I never had a chance to sit down & write, but I want to take a little space here to honor my dad.

I chose this picture because it captures the twinkle in his eye. He always has a twinkle. Well, almost always. Either because he's trying to be mischievious, or because he is trying to be funny.

In this picture, he's tickling John, who is trying hard to blow up a balloon, but can't when he is laughing. The kids love to get tickled by Opa. We have a saying in our house, a quote of John's when he was little: "Don't tickle my butt, Opa." I don't know how that came about, or even how it applies when we quote it, but it cracks me up.

Thanks, Dad, for making sure there is laughter in the family.


  1. You're precious, Anne! What joy you have brought into all our lives.


  2. As I remember, Opa was tickling Johnny's little diaper butt as he was walking up the stairs. It was really cute!


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