Jun 19, 2008

don't look a gift horse in the mouth

Ever since Kaitlin saw her cousin Tina's horse, she has decided she loves horses. She's carried this love affair on from afar because we don't have a horse and we live too far away from Tina's horse. And, honestly, horses and anything to do with them is a little out of our budget.

Until we met some friends from church who have horses. When I found out their high school daughter and some of her friends give horseback riding lessons during the summer & charge only what they would get for babysitting (!) I jumped at the chance to sign Kaitlin up.

God provides for our needs in many ways, and I am so grateful that He will provide for our kids' hearts' desires even when we can't.

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  1. Kaitlin must get her love of horses from her Oma! I love horses, too, and though I never had opportunity for lessons -- I have had my share of rides--mostly hanging on to the saddle horn for dear life! But I look forward to the day when Kaitlin and I can do some horsebackriding together! Kaitlin, could you teach your Oma to ride "the proper way"??
    From, Oma


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