Jul 12, 2008


Kaitlin strikes a pose.
Sarah wore her princess dress shopping.

Sometimes I look at little girls who have on cute little outfits with matching accessories and I think, "Maybe I'm not doing my Mom-of-Girls-Job well." Maybe.

Maybe I ought to lay their clothes out for them and make them stay in that outfit all day. And if they must change, maybe I should make them pass the Coordination Inspection. Perhaps I should insist they keep their hair thingies (what are they even called?) in their hair. Maybe I should care more if they get stains on their clothes. Maybe if I spent more on their clothes, I'd care. Maybe.

But maybe it's really cool that Kaitlin is so confident in the outfit she picks out. And perhaps if Sarah wants to go to the store in a princess dress and foam tiara, there's really nothing wrong with that.

I know for sure that I love being their mother and seeing their little personalities shine. I love that they are willing to go out in what they feel good in. So maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Maybe I'm not doing so bad at my Mom-of-Girls-Job.


I hope.

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  1. I know what you mean. The other day i met a friend for ice-cream in downtown Portland with the girls. My friend had been wanting to meet the girls for a long time...so my little Sophie decided to wear her purple and pink fairy wings for the occasion! I loved it and so did my friend. She happens to have purple hair, so it all worked out! :)
    I sit and wonder about what i'm doing wrong now that might send them to couseling...?. Aaron and i joke around about starting a "therapy" fund alongside their college fund! And i want to have a t-shirt printed that just says "IT's MY FAULT!". I'll wear for all three of them! Enjoyed your writings! :)


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