Jul 12, 2008

super powers

Last night I went into Sarah's room to say goodnight to her and as I came in, JD left. "Tag team," he said. When I laid down next to Sarah she told me I had super powers. "Really?" "Yes. Tagging. You're super power is tagging." I agreed that I was good at tagging, and then I had a super thought. I decided to try to talk about the power of prayer and God's power. "You know, Sarah" I started, "tagging is a pretend super power, but God has a real super power. He is super powerful. And when we pray, there is power in pr-" "Mom, you know what?" she interupted. "What, honey?" "My super power is farting." Tag! Instead we talked about the intricacies of her super expelling powers. And I think that God may have had at that moment a super sized smile.

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