Nov 15, 2008


Our pastor's wife sent an email out to several women asking for input. She had been enlisted by her husband to help him with his sermon entitled, "Keys to a Woman's Heart." She, in turn enlisted us for help. "What are some ways that make you feel loved," she asked. "What would you want me to say to your significant other?" So... this is my very quick response to her. I'm sure there are other things I could add, other ways I feel loved or would like to feel loved, but this is what I thought of.

Encourage me. Tell me how good dinner is, even if it's a frozen pizza. Or if it's not good, then at least tell me how much you appreciate that I made dinner for you. Tell me that I look good. I know I'm not what I once was, but I want to know you still think I'm something something. Find my strengths, and appreciate them. I may not be good at cleaning, but I'm good at listening. I may not be good at scheduling, but I'm good at being spontaneous. Sandwich your complaints with compliments. I can hear them better that way. Ask me about my day before you tell me about yours. It makes me feel like you care about me. Touch me when we're in public. Hold my hand or drape your arm over my shoulder. Kiss me when others can see. It makes me feel wanted. Kiss me passionately without wanting more than a kiss. At least sometimes. Be patient with me when I'm tired. Help me with housework. But not too much or I might think I'm not good enough. Get some men friends. Guys who you can have fun with and who you can dump on so that you don't have to dump on me. Send me out with girlfriends. Regularly. Let me enjoy the time away and don't make me feel bad for leaving you with the kids. Take me out on dates. Regularly. We don't even have to spend money on the dates. it could even just be a walk. Speak kindly to me when we are alone as well as in public. Whisper how much you love me in my ear while Pastor Paul is preaching. Be a spiritual leader in our family as well as in public. Pray with me.

Pray for me. Laugh with me. Smile at me. Be my friend, as well as my husband.

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