Jun 7, 2009

blue bubble gum smiles

Sometimes I just don't feel like I have a whole lot to say. I think that I want to say something profound each time I blog. Which is not an easy goal. This time it's nothing profound. Just a bit of what's going on. Since I have not so much thought provoking and positive items to pontificate upon at this moment, I'll just mention that today I spent a freakishly cold June day outside at the ball field wrapped up in wool blankets, whatching John's baseball team take second in the Rochester 10U Tournament. We brought gum for the team as kind of a way of recognizing John's eleventh birthday which he spent at this tournament. It was fun to watch the boys chomping on their gum as they got into their ready positions out in the field, smiling their blue bubble gum smiles. They looked a little more like baseball players with their cheeks wadded full of something. The little blue ribbons on their haseball hats remind me of Ryan's dad, who died suddenly this last week and who would have been so proud of the way his son was ripping the ball and making outstanding plays at first, even - I think - doing the splits to make a super play for an out. I just feel for him. And his mom and sister. that's all I have now. peace out.

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