Jun 12, 2009

zoo thoughts

A couple weeks ago now we went to the Minnesota Zoo. John had been asking for some time, and so we made the trip up there as kind of a birthday field trip for him. What fun! Posing in front of the sleeping bear. Don't wake him up, Sarah. Ever the teacher, Dad reads to the kids about each animal. Our favorite part was feeding the giraffes. I've never been so close to a giraffe before. I always thought they are beautiful animals. They are pretty funny, too. God is so creative. All these wonderful, beautiful, fascinating, crazy-looking creatures He made. For why? For His enjoyment? For our enjoyment? For the eco-system and the food chain? Each species, each animal so unique. No wonder God declared His creation good. How humbling that he has given man so much authority on this earth, to care for it and these. How interesting that He has chosen us of all His creation to have a relationship with. These are the things I think about when I go to the zoo.

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