Aug 26, 2009

a day in the life

pour the coffee open the bible interrupted by kiddos pour the breakfast feed the animals and the children
clean the crumbs up
do the dishes
wipe the counters
brush the molars
brush the snarls out put in a pony tail say "I love you!" cover the kids with kisses let the dog out sweep the dog hair start the laundry pick the toys up take out the garbage and the recycling kiss an owie make it better get a band-aid get an ice pack make the menu take some advil steer the grocery cart with three kids hanging on it say "no, we can't get that, don't ask again." bag the groceries unbag the groceries censure tv shows encourage adventure switch the laundry plan a play date wipe a spill up pick up a lone polly pocket shoe call the dentist check my email get on facebook get on pbskidsdotcom stop an argument encourage forgiveness hand out consequenses make a pillow fort dance with a princess throw a frisbee make a memory take some pictures make something for dinner say "set the table." say "eat your veggies"
talk about the day
clear the table read a story snuggle under a blanket laugh and giggle sing good night pray over the children good night hugs and kisses where'd the day go? I didn't finish the laundry there's a sink full of dishes I haven't discussed the schedule or vacuumed the carpet I didn't clear the piles on the table and in my bedroom I didn't call the doctor or the electrician or return the library books or put those things on Craig's List I need to back up the computer make that flyer write that letter download the pictures get a babysitter
find that thing we need to have
by tommorrow
I need to paint the kitchen
and the hallway
(I'd like to paint a picture)
I'll do it tomorrow.

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