Aug 16, 2009

some summer

Wow, this summer has gone by fast! Just a couple weeks and I'll be sending off a fifth grader, third grader and kindergartener to school. I can't wait!
Summer is always crazy with the kids, trying to keep them active and to endure their countless deaths by boredom. But this summer was the first summer that I also worked outside the home, so that added to the craziness factor. More than I care to admit, we had to have the kids at home alone while JD and I were both at work. Strict orders were given not to answer the doorbell or the phone unless the caller ID said it was one of us. But still. My mommy heart broke.
And coming home after a long shift only to have to make dinner and do all that needed to be done -- which I was never really good at doing when I had all day to do it -- well, overwhelming.
I did get quite a bit of travelling in, which was fun. I went to Washington DC one quick weekend to see a friend's ordination, and in the process visited with another close friend from high school and spent some time with my parents.
Then Kaitlin and I went to Germany with my mom for Kaitlin's 'Oma Trip.' Oma Trips are always an adventure! I enjoyed showing Kaitlin the places I lived and frequented in Kandern and the surrounding area. We had quite a memorable time in Gimmelwald, near Interlaken Switzerland. Memorable because we laughed so hard the entire time. I'll treasure that.
JD and I celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary this summer. We've never really gone away just to get away, so a long time ago I told him that I wanted to 'go Somewhere and do Something' for our fifteenth. We spent our worldperks miles and flew to Vancouver, BC. We decided on Vancouver because we'd heard that it was beautiful, we'd never been there, and it has the ocean and the mountains. Good choice by us. It was very fun. Two free nights at a hotel helped tremendously.
Then we were invited by some friends to enjoy their timeshare in the Wisconsin Dells. The Dells area is very touristy with lots of activities from countless water parks to Ripley's Believe it or Not type attractions. I have to admit, I was not looking forward to the certain activity that the Dells would be. However, much to my surprise, their timeshare was far from the main strip and in a very peaceful resort filled with pine trees. We spent our days at the pool and visiting with our friends. Very nice, indeed.
With a couple weeks to go, we still have a camping trip with the cousins and I'm going out to DC to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday. This summer has been some summer, jam packed with goodness. I'll take the craziness that comes with it.

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