Sep 20, 2009

souvenir cups

My kitchen cupboard has been taken over by large plastic souvenir cups. I did everything I could to try to prevent it. Every time we've moved, I've consolidated. "Do we really need three of the same one, honey?" I have relegated some to Pen Holder status, which somehow seems more acceptable to me than serving my family 40 oz. beverages. Some of the giant plastic cups may have gotten lost, but I wouldn't know about that.

In the picture below, you will notice that my glass glasses take up very little space, as they have been overtaken by my plasticware. When I picked things out for my wedding gift registry, I never imagined having more plasticware than glassware. But the unshatterability of the plastic, not to mention the relative unconcern for the care of it, makes it an ideal choice for my family right now. And, for my guests since the spots from the hard water aren't as noticable.

I have to admit, though, that I have purchased one or two of the souvenir cups myself. It is fun to have a little memento of a family outing, or of teams we've cheered on in the various places we've lived.

A. Kansas City Chiefs - We lived in KC from 2005-2007 & if you live in KC, you cheer for the Chiefs.

B. MN Twins - Go Twins!

C. U of MN Gophers - The obligitory souvenir cups of the Dome, of the Last Season in the Dome, and of The New Stadium.

D. KC Royals - We enjoyed baseball outdoors at Kauffman Stadium when we lived in KC.

E. Baltimore Orioles - We got first row seats behind home plate (Cal Ripken Jr's seats, it turns out) for free! Just ran into this guy before the game and he gave them to us. What a fun memory.

F. Comerica Park in Detroit - We went there with one of the AIA baseball teams. The traffic to the stadium was crazy, we were caravanning with several of the AIA vans, stuck on some Detroit street on our way to Comerica Park and Johnny (then age 5) had to go potty really bad. Finally one of the college baseball guys opened the van door and Johnny peed out the door. That is what I remember most when I see that cup.

G. Ohio State - We became Buckeye fans when we lived in Ohio. (We valued our lives, after all.)

H. Horseriding Lesson Cups - Not officially a souvenir cup per se, but a memory none the less of the summer that Kaitlin took horseback riding lessons at the Lowes.

I. Sam Sam Cup - We got this in Paris on John's Oma Trip. It originally held mustard. A fun souvenir.

J. Deutsche Bahn Cup - It's kinda hidden behind the glasses, but it is a fun memory, the wine glass from the train ride from Basel to Frankfurt on Kaitlin's Oma Trip when we had eleven suitcases between four of us to lug on and off the train before it pulled out of the station. (We only lost one, so we did pretty good.)

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