Sep 19, 2009

typical fall weekend

"Hi Honey," he said as he came in the door around midnight. Then, as he saw me there in my bare feet and t-shirt ready for bed, he said "I can't come to bed right now. I have to study the plays for tomorrows game." He'd just gotten home from the varsity's win in Austin and now had to study the plays for the ninth grade game so he could make the play calls. This might have bothered me earlier in our marriage, but it didn't bother me now. Instead I got my book and read while he studied the plays. Then I went to bed while he stayed up and studied the plays. When I got up this morning, he had coffee and a note waiting for me. He was off to the ninth graders' football game in Austin. I think I might have gotten a quick kiss before he left. I hope he does a good job play calling.

It's a typically busy sports-filled fall weekend at our house. JD's two high school games, John's 5th grade football game, and Kaitlin's two 10U soccer games. Poor Sarah. At her age, five, John and Kaitlin were already on various teams and getting cheered on. (For what it's worth, I do cheer Sarah on for her amazing ability to endure countless sports games.) But I'm holding Sarah off on the team sports thing as long as I can. Is that selfish of me? For Kaitlin's soccer game last week, Sarah put on soccer socks, shin guards and cleats that were two sizes too big. I don't think I can hold off much longer.

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