Feb 7, 2011

super ads bowl

I didn't really care who won the big game because my team wasn't in it. I was cheering for Green Bay though, since I like to commit to a side before the game to make it interesting. The Pack is in the Vikings division, so I went with them. Plus, I will always choose the smaller market teams. I want them to do well. And finally, I wanted Aaron Rogers to do well because of all he had to put up with in Green Bay with playing behind Brett Farve.

But, since I didn't really care, the advertisements and half-time show were what I was all about last night. Based on what companies pay for a commercial spot during the Super Bowl, I think it's what a lot of people are about, actually. (According to Reuters, a 30 second spot cost $3 million during Superbowl XLV.)

Here are my favorites and why.

The Best Superbowl Commercial:
I like it for the statement it makes: "Don't tell me that luxury is only found on the coasts, only found where there is commercial success. Break out of the 'everyone thinks this, so this is what I think' mold. Luxury can be anywhere, anyone. Start seeing things differently."

Chrysler 200: Eminem @ Yahoo! Video

The Cleverest Superbowl Commercial:
I like this because I think it's extremely clever with all the cliches it explores and how it circles back to the original cliche. I also think it's clever in that it doesn't need a celebrity to be memorable.

The Superbowl Commercial that I Could Most (Uncomfortably) Relate To:
I like this one because it taps into something that anyone who has to choose between 'reply' and 'reply all -  and sometimes does so without thinking - can relate to. How many times have I had a minor heart attack when wondering if I may have hit the wrong one? (Not that I would ever send something that I wouldn't want everyone to see, of course.)

The Most Warm Fuzzy Superbowl Commercial:
What mother of Star Wars fans (who occassionally tries the Jedi Mind Trick herself) wouldn't love this commercial?

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