Feb 8, 2011

Winter's Grace

Snow on snow
On snow.

It covers my world like
A layer of frosting
Like a sugary coating
Rich gooey goodness.

It lays on the branches
Like piles of padding,
Like poufy bed pillows
You don’t want to use.

On top of snow.

Dancing in the sun's light,
Snowflakes on the hillside,
Countless crystals dazzling
Showing their beauty.

Clarion pixies, they
Leap up in front of me
Bring my attention to
The wondercrisp scene.

Of snow.

Subtle strips of white stretch
Across the horizon
Minimalist painting
Patches of snowlight.

As winter's housewife flings
Out freshly bleached bed sheets,
So white covers grey with
Forgiveness and grace.

White covers grey.
A moment of grace.


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  1. It's good for me to read this right now b/c I'm a bit sick of snow. So, thanks for perspective:) Beautiful.


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