Feb 15, 2011

They wrote it on their hearts.

Planning a Valentine's Day party for seniors is much like planning a party for six year olds. As long as you have something sweet to eat, a couple games and goodie bags they are going to have a good time.

The trivia game may have been a little hard. Let's just say that the winner got 7 out of 15 right; she worked for her prize. (Take the quiz yourself here to see if you can get more than 7/15. Let me know if you do!) The conversation heart bingo game was a hit - and there were no awkward typos. The right / left game was fun once they got the hang of it. While I was reading the story I had to surpress laughter as they tried to figure out where the bags of candy should be. (to the right, right, left? or just right, left? here, just give it to me!)

At the very last minute before the party, I decided to add something extra, something special. I quickly found heart clip art and printed out 22 pink hearts.

Towards the end of the party, I passed out the paper hearts and I told them to write their name at the top, then pass their hearts around. "Everyone needs to write something nice on each person's heart," I told them.

"But what if we don't know the person very well?" someone asked.

"Well, I think that all of you can come up with something nice about every single person here. If you don't know them - or if you maybe don't like them - show them some Valentine's Day love and creativity and come up with something nice. Even if it's simply their smile."

After the party, as I was in the office, I could hear the residents talking as they waited for the elevator to take them back to their apartments. It made my heart soar to hear their exchange.

"I'm going to finish reading this upstairs, I'm about to bust up [crying]," he said.

"Yeah, I never knew I was so good," she replied.

Now she does.


  1. LOVE love love this!!! You know you are going to write a book someday about this experience with these seniors! ;) Such richness in each of them.

  2. Guess I should start now studying ahead for next year....I only got 3 right!

  3. Tiffany - thanks. I'm so glad you love it. If you could only guarantee me the sales, I'd write the book.

    Lady Di - Well, if I was grading on a curve, you did super! (Did the quiz give you the correct answers? I will if you are curious.)

  4. Well, I got 6 right on the quiz for 40%! I have no idea which ones were correct since I had to guess on most of them--the only one I knew FOR SURE was the city where the St Valentine's massacre happened....hmmmm

    Your party certainly was a success. Good for you for your thoughtfulness and sensitivity to the needs of these seniors.


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