Feb 21, 2011

things I found while blog jumping

Sometimes I like to go blog jumping. There's so many good blogs out there, it's fun to discover new ones. And I like to click links that people post to see what kind of blogs they're reading. More often than not they lead me to some fascinating blogs and sites.

For instance, my friend Amy, a/k/a Tea Girl, commented on one of my posts about her friend Jennifer's art. So I went to Tea Girl's blog, found Jennifer's A Poem Life and lost myself in her wonderful creativity.

Then I noticed a link on her post to Brave Girls Camp and was transported to a wonderful resource for soul-flying and reconnecting with the creativity in me. Oh my gosh! I so want to go to Camp, but just reading the blog is inspiring.

And just like that, I found some sisters in Idaho who sing my soul song.

Or, sometimes I find interesting links when I do a google search. For instance, I googled 'blog chain' and found a post about a blog chain here. There I found a link to The Great Blogging Experiment. It sounded way too interesting to pass up so I clicked on it and discovered what the experiment was, but more importantly that 1.) I can blog about whatever I want to, and 2.) I should have a Blog Plan if I want to be serious about writing.

I'm not sure how serious I am about making a Blog Plan, but I followed some of her links and found an amazing list of amazing blogs. At least that's what the blogger named the list. After looking it over, I'd have to say it's probably an accurate name - it's a list of writing blogs that would be amazingly helpful if I ever decide to get serious about writing. (*Bookmarking right now.) 

One of the blogs in the amazing list caught my eye: Quick and Dirty Grammar Tricks. Who don't want better grammar? While looking at the recent posts, one jumped out at me: How to make family names plural.

You see, before I was a Bickle, I was a Winnes. And every time somebody addressed something to the Winnes' it drove me just a little bit crazy. If you want to address something to more than one Winnes, you should address it to the Winneses. I can forgive people whose name ends in a B or T or N that mistake, but if your name ends in an S or X or Z then you should get to know this rule.

I also found out that you eat one blackberry and two blackberries, but you text on one Blackberry and two Blackberrys.

And just like that, I found some useful information for when I want to blog about the Winneses' Blackberrys.

It's interesting reading what's out there, as I jump from blog to blog. There's such good stuff that sometimes I feel like my blog is pointless.

Well. I guess it is.

A while back, when someone I knew was asked if he had a blog, he said he wasn't important enough to take up space in cyberspace. Initially that made me feel arrogant for daring to take up space in cyberspace with a blog because I'm not an expert on anything. Who would want to read what I have to say anyways?

Right now I have no purpose to my blogging other than to get some thoughts and ideas out of my head and onto paper cyberspace. Even if no one reads it, at least it's no longer locked up in my head. Right now I'm just blogging my raggedy thoughts.

That's the point.

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  1. And I like your point. I'm with you. . . blogging to record my own raggedy thoughts. Just needed your help to give them the helpful name raggedy:) David just had to get a blackberry for work. Now I'd like to get one too so we can make it plural:)
    Now for some blog hopping. Thanks. When you wake up in the middle of the night, it's a great form of exercise. Although, I think it'd be really fun to be the girl in the pic!


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