Feb 23, 2011

wonder: winter barns

I love old barns. I think it's the raggedyness in me that loves them. Here's some I've driven by on my way to and fro this winter.

Just north of Rochester.

On the road to Zumbrota.

Taken from Interstate 90.

Taken from Interstate 90.

At Nelson Valley.
On a dirt road that I could never remember how to get back to.

"I asked for wonder and He gave it to me."
- Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, in The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning


  1. Beautiful pictures. The barn I like to drive by is near where you lived in MO . . . the red one on Little Blue. So, it seemed fitting to see these pictures and link them mentally near the place I can picture you. It's certainly a raggedy barn as well. btw, poem life Jennifer and I talked about how much we appreciate your raggedy term:)

  2. Amy, I LOVED that I had to drive by that barn almost every day. And the rail road tracks. And the river. And the horses. *sigh* I do miss it. "Red barn on Little Blue" - that sounds colorful and poetic...

  3. The Little Blue valley drive is one of my favorite memories of Kansas City. I drive it everytime I go back.


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