Feb 24, 2011

- jumping in - and taking off (?)

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."
I did something really crazy a while back. (And I'm not referring to my tattoo.) I submitted registrations to be considered for the Poet-Artist Collaboration X exhibit at Crossings, which will be on display in April.

For those of you wondering what that is, basically artists make art based on selected poems. Both the artists and the poems are selected by a panel of judges.

I entered as both a poet and artist. The poem I entered was Winter's Grace. The examples of art that I entered were just photos of my (then unfinished) clay tiles.

While my poem wasn't chosen (no surprise, I'm a novice), I was chosen to be an artist in the exhibit (big surprise, I am a novice!).

I just returned from selecting the poem that will be my inspiration. I started crying while reading the poem - it's beautiful. I don't know how I'll translate it to clay, but I had to choose that poem when I read it.

I am really, really, REALLY scared to make art for it. I hope I do it justice.

"Oh boy, here I go."
I feel a little bit like I am standing on the edge of a ledge about to jump, hoping that I sprout wings before I land.

Or if I don't, that I'll at least land on something soft.

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  1. You will do far more than just do it justice. You will add to the beauty of it. I have a feeling that the Creator will blow a gentle breeze to help his daughter the creator. To help her to open her wings and to help her to have a soft landing after a magnificent flight.


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