Mar 8, 2011

Heavens to Etsy

In my blog jumping, I've found Etsy. I'd known about it before, but I'd never really discovered it. It's a little like someone finding God - the difference between knowing about God and really knowing God. The similarities probably end with that. There's a huge difference between the two for most people.

One thing I discovered on Etsy is that there are very many talented, creative people out there. These artisans are offering some really good art at pretty reasonable prices. On Etsy you also get to interact with the artist when making the transaction. Buying art on Etsy is like buying fresh organic produce at the Farmer's Market instead of the big box grocery store. Next time I'm tempted to buy art prints at Target or Hobby Lobby, I'll first check out Etsy right after I check out my local art gallery with art sold by local artists. "Buy Etsy" is almost as good as "Buy Local." Of course, there's a shop local option on Etsy, too.

There's not just art on Etsy, though. You can find anything there as long as it's 1.) something made by the seller, 2.) something vintage - 20 years or older, or 3.) supplies for making something. Besides the shock I got that clothes from my high school years are considered vintage, I've really enjoyed looking through the Etsy stores and seeing what people make, and what people like. It's actually very inspirational to be looking at so much creativity.

You can even take a taste test to find stuff you might like on Etsy. Here's my etsy taste test. While I wouldn't say it captures my taste exactly, I did find some really cool stuff there. I can take the taste test again if I really didn't like what it came up with for me.

There is a function where you can find friends on Etsy, and I would love to know if any of my own friends are selling stuff there. But the friends that were in my email contact list only are buyers, no sellers. If you or if someone you know has an Etsy account, I'd love to know about it and be able to "shop" there. Post a comment with the link to the Etsy page. I may just purchase something. At the very least feature it in a blog post. Who knows?


  1. I think you've met my friend Jennifer, virtually. I love her art:) Also, I've met Tara of On a Branch in the blog world. I bought little turquoise felted wool acorn ornaments back before Christmas from her Etsy shop. Wish I'd bought another set to use on gifts.

    Jennifer's Etsy (I think a lot of us by from her in person, but she does have an Etsy shop:) :
    her etsy:

    I can get lost looking at all the amazing Etsy items! Excited to see new to me people you feature. You could put your own work on Etsy!

  2. Gee, thanks Raggedy Ann. I just went and bought the last set of teal (not turquoise--oops) wool acorn ornaments at On a Branch Knits Etsy . . . Glad they'll be ready for me to use next year. I'll think of you and Tara when I pull them out.
    Please don't mention doing something really crazy, I seem quite impressionable right now:)

  3. Anne, this is the site of my friend Joanna from junior high. Joanna was the first person I ever knew who really LOVED Jesus and acted like it. And she loved me even when I was a "lost cause." We lost touch for years and only reunited over FB, but she holds a special place in my heart. AND, she has an Etsy shop. Not sure if it's your kind of thing, but she's a super neat person...just like you. :)

  4. Amy, did I mention that I got a tattoo? Glad I could inspire you to get some teal wool acorns if not a tattoo. (I checked them out, they're really cool!)

    Angela, thanks for the link. I like Joanna's stuff, it's super neat - just like her.

  5. I'll get right on that tattoo planning:)
    I have a friend who got a tree tattoo that I love. . . I want it framed on my wall (on paper)! It's in the middle of her upper back, just below the neck. I always think it's funny I can see it, but she can't.


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