Mar 9, 2011

My Instant Collections

Yesterday I blogged about my discovery of Etsy. Today I'm thinking about one of my Etsy discoveries: Instant Collections. One of the blogs I follow featured a bunch of instant collections for inspiration a while back. It caught my attention because I love collecting things.

Perhaps it's more accurate to say that I hate throwing things away. In any case, I have accumulated a few of my own instant collections over time.

For my entertainment, and hopefully yours too, here are just a few of my own instant collections and the Etsy instant collections that brought them to mind:

Instant Collection No. 1:
Curated Objects

Offered on Etsy by sushipotparts.

This collection of curated found objects offered by sushipotparts made me think of my own curated collection:

Treasures given to me by my children over the years. I wear as many as possible every Mother's Day, and display the others as prominently as possible. I'm so proud of these Curated Objects.

Instant Collection No. 2:
Offered on Etsy by RogueRetro.
There are a vast number books offered on Etsy. Although I have always had several shelves full of books, the idea of instant collection made me think of the books I have accumulated recently (instantly!) after going into counselling. 

So far I've read the top three. I highly recommend them to anyone whether you are in counselling or not.

Instant Collection No. 3:
Meaningless Items Associated with an Intense Craze

Offered on Etsy by OopseeDaisies.
Isn't there a time when you should just go ahead and part with some of these items? Of course, if you hold on to them for 20 years, then you can sell them as Vintage on Etsy.

This collection is not really mine, but I may have contributed to one or two of these tags.

Instant Collection No. 4:
Denim Fabric

Offered on Etsy by memmeries.
I have been holding on to my childrens' old jeans intending to make things out of the denim. My kids went through jeans so fast that I now have a very large collection of denim material waiting to be transformed into something other than pants. Finally last month I started cutting and sewing. It's fun to see some of the jeans they wore when they were little.

I'm purposefully using the pockets with the rivets and the pieces with the seams. Not only does it give it interest, but it also helps me remember who's jeans they were.

Instant Collection No. 5:
Empty Glass Bottles
Offered on Etsy by catay.
I've always had a thing for empty glass bottles.

This particular collection was found in my recycling container.

I hope you enjoyed that look at collections as much as I enjoy realizing that it's okay to not throw things away - because perhaps I can offer them on Etsy eventually!

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